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Building the Future: QOROX's 3D Printed Skatepark in Tauranga

In a groundbreaking achievement for both technology and community recreation, QOROX, a pioneering concrete 3D printing company, has unveiled the world’s largest 3D printed skate sculpture at the newly opened "Destination Skatepark" in Tauranga, New Zealand. Named "The Wave," this monumental structure stretches 12 meters in length and rises 3 meters high, setting a new standard in skatepark design and construction.Innovative Construction ProcessQOROX utilized the CyBe RC (Robot Crawler) mobile 3D concrete printer from Dutch firm CyBe to fabricate the entire skatepark. This advanced technology allowed for the creation of intricate skateable structures such as quarter pipes, ledges, and supports directly on-site. The CyBe Power Pack concrete material, combined with QOROX’s Q-Ink mortar, enabled 80% of the materials to be locally sourced, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally friendly construction process.Community-Centric Design"Destination Skatepark" was meticulously co-designed with input from local community members, ensuring that it not only meets but exceeds the recreational needs of Tauranga’s residents. QOROX collaborated closely with landscape and garden design specialists Rich Landscapes to refine the park’s design, integrating creative forms and textures that would have been impractical with traditional construction methods.Environmental SustainabilityBeyond its innovative design, "Destination Skatepark" showcases QOROX’s commitment to sustainability. The use of 3D concrete printing significantly reduced construction costs by eliminating the need for complex molds and minimizing material waste. Moreover, QOROX’s Q-Ink, a blend of essential concrete printing constituents mixed with locally sourced low-carbon materials, contributed to a 30% reduction in carbon emissions compared to conventional concrete construction methods.Technological AdvancementsThe CyBe RC 3D printer employed by QOROX features an ABB robotic arm mounted on a crawler with rubber tracks, providing exceptional maneuverability across various terrains. This capability allowed the printer to erect "The Wave" and other structures with precision and efficiency, further highlighting the potential of additive manufacturing in large-scale construction projects.QOROX’s Impact and Future Endeavors"Destination Skatepark" represents just one of QOROX’s many achievements in the field of 3D concrete printing. Since introducing the technology to New Zealand in 2018, QOROX has pushed boundaries with projects like the Southern Hemisphere’s largest 3D printed building, Paremoremo House, and several innovative commercial constructions. These endeavors underscore the growing influence of additive manufacturing in enhancing construction speed, sustainability, and affordability globally.ConclusionAs the world embraces the possibilities of 3D printing in construction, QOROX stands at the forefront, demonstrating how advanced technology can transform urban landscapes while prioritizing community engagement and environmental responsibility. "Destination Skatepark" not only enriches Tauranga’s recreational offerings but also serves as a testament to the limitless potential of 3D concrete printing in shaping a more sustainable future.In summary, QOROX’s achievement with "Destination Skatepark" is not just about creating a world-class skatepark—it’s about redefining what’s possible in modern construction, blending innovation with community-driven design and environmental stewardship.

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