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Introducing the EXT 800 Titan Pellet: Revolutionizing 3D Printing with 3D Systems

3D Systems, a pioneer in additive manufacturing, has unveiled its latest innovation in the realm of large-format 3D printing: the EXT 800 Titan Pellet system. Designed to combine speed, reliability, and efficiency, this new addition to the EXT Titan Pellet series offers a more compact format with significant advantages for manufacturers across various industries.Key Features and BenefitsThe EXT 800 Titan Pellet boasts a substantial build volume of 800 x 600 x 800 mm, catering to the production of smaller yet critical components such as functional prototypes, tooling, fixtures, sand casting patterns, thermoforming molds, and end-use parts. This system leverages the advanced capabilities of 3D Systems’ larger EXT Titan Pellet models (EXT 1070 and EXT 1270) while introducing a more manageable footprint and lower upfront investment.Manufacturers can expect remarkable enhancements in efficiency with print speeds up to 10 times faster compared to traditional filament-based systems. Moreover, the EXT 800 Titan Pellet slashes material costs by a factor of 10, thanks to its utilization of cost-effective pellets for printing. This makes it an ideal solution for industries ranging from foundries and aerospace & defense to prosthetics & footwear and research.Insights from Rahul Kasat, Vice President of Titan at 3D SystemsRahul Kasat emphasizes that customer feedback has been pivotal in the development of the EXT 800 Titan Pellet. "Over the years, customers have expressed a need for a solution that facilitates the production of smaller parts at a reasonable cost," Kasat notes. "Our new system addresses this demand effectively, offering high-speed, high-quality printing capabilities in a compact, cost-efficient package."Versatility and DesignThe EXT 800 Titan Pellet features a single extrusion tool head and a refined industrial design, making it suitable for diverse manufacturing environments. Whether deployed in offices, laboratories, universities, or larger shop floors, its compact frame ensures ease of delivery and installation, passing through standard double doors effortlessly. The system also integrates a large, front-mounted touchscreen for an intuitive user experience, enhancing usability across operational settings.Advanced Capabilities and CompatibilityBeyond its compact design, the EXT 800 Titan Pellet shares performance features with 3D Systems’ larger pellet extrusion printers. It includes industrial CNC controllers for reliable applications, a heated bed and chamber for superior part accuracy, and robust pellet extrusion hardware capable of handling a variety of materials. These materials range from ABS, PC, and Nylons to high-temperature engineering materials like PEI, PEKK, and flexible TPE and TPU — materials that are typically challenging to print on filament-based machines.Availability and Future ProspectsThe EXT 800 Titan Pellet is now available for immediate ordering, with initial deliveries scheduled for the third quarter of 2024. Interested parties can explore this innovative technology firsthand at 3D Systems’ booth (#2401) during the upcoming RAPID+TCT event in Los Angeles, California. This event will showcase not only the EXT 800 Titan Pellet but also 3D Systems’ comprehensive solution portfolio, highlighting their commitment to advancing additive manufacturing capabilities globally.In conclusion, the EXT 800 Titan Pellet represents a significant leap forward in additive manufacturing technology. It exemplifies 3D Systems’ dedication to meeting diverse industrial needs through innovation, efficiency, and versatility. As additive manufacturing continues to evolve, solutions like the EXT 800 Titan Pellet are poised to redefine production standards across multiple sectors, setting new benchmarks for performance and cost-effectiveness in 3D printing.

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