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Revolutionizing Dental 3D Printing: SprintRay Pro 2 and Innovative Resins

SprintRay, a leading name in dental 3D printing, has unveiled its latest game-changing innovation: the Pro 2 line of desktop 3D printing systems, alongside two groundbreaking resins from the company’s BioMaterial Innovation Lab. The Pro 2 marks a significant advancement as SprintRay's first 3D printer powered by Optical Panel technology, boasting a remarkable 35-micron XY resolution and 385 nm UV light capability.Central to the Pro 2’s capabilities is its proprietary new light engine, which enables the printer to produce up to six full-arch dental models in an astonishing 15 minutes while maintaining over 99% dimensional stability, according to SprintRay. This unparalleled speed and accuracy are set to redefine dental manufacturing processes.The Pro 2 is complemented by SprintRay’s latest direct-print Retainer and Dental Model resins, both developed at the company’s dedicated BioMaterial Innovation Lab. The Retainer resin streamlines production by eliminating traditional labor steps, offering dentists the possibility of same-day delivery for appliances. Meanwhile, the Dental Model resin introduces significant speed enhancements and accuracy improvements, revolutionizing digital workflows in orthodontic and dental model printing.A notable development is SprintRay's recent partnership with dental giant Ivoclar, adding their resins to the SprintRay portfolio. This collaboration expands dental labs' access to cutting-edge materials, further cementing SprintRay’s commitment to delivering top-quality solutions to the industry.Amir Mansouri, PhD, co-founder and CEO of SprintRay, emphasizes the Pro 2’s transformative impact, stating, “Previously, dentists had to choose between precision and production throughput. Pro 2 eliminates this paradigm." With its industry-leading speed, expansive build area, and exceptional accuracy, the Pro 2 emerges as a versatile solution suitable for both high-volume orthodontic production and precise restorative appliances.In conclusion, SprintRay’s Pro 2 and innovative resins represent a significant leap forward in dental 3D printing technology, promising enhanced efficiency, precision, and convenience for dental professionals worldwide.

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