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selective laser printing (SLS) is an additive manufacturing process that belongs to the power bed fusion family. inSLS 3D printing, a laser selectively sinters the particles of a polymer powder, fusing them together and building a part, layer by layer. Materials used: thermoplastic polymers.


The bond strength between layers in SLS in 3D printing is excellent. Tis means SLS printed parts have almost isotropic mechanical properties.

The mechanical properties of SLS specimens printed using standard polyamide powder (PA12 or nylon12). The price per kilogram of PA12 powder is around $50-$60. Other engineering plastics such as PA11 and PEEK are also available, but these are not as widely used.


Materials Thermoplastics(usually nylon)

Dimensional accuracy 0.3%

Typical build size 300x300x300mm

common layer thickness 100-120um

support not required

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